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Spectra Floris

Located on Charles Campbell Road, Bangalore; Spectra Floris is a stylish, well-designed and luxurious residential complex right in the heart of the City. Spectra Floris is small enough to keep it special, and large enough to house the needs of one’s modern day lifestyle. Situated in a quiet and green neighbourhood, minimalist and modern in its design and built with the finest quality in construction.


The Fragrance of

Fine Living


Spectra Floris has its character in the minimalistic approach to architecture that focuses on design, detail and craftsmanship.

It was designed as an elegant mix of exposed concrete, natural wooden slats and neutral stucco finishes, with a neutral tone to the façade completing the clean and modern look. 

Designed to the context of the neighbourhood, the front façade is built to shelter the users from the harsh afternoon sun using a sliding panel at each level making this portion of the elevation quite special.

This approach to minimalism is further complemented by ample use of landscaping throughout the project in both the private and public spaces, including a vast and beautiful terrace garden.

Thus, Spectra Floris is a combination of a holistic approach to design & architecture and a pursuit for high quality construction. 

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Spectra Floris

Charles Campbell Road


Edgar Demello Architects

"An elegant mix of exposed concrete, natural wooden slats and neutral stucco finishes.

Edgar Demello Architects | EDA


"A minimalistic approach to architecture and design.

Project Gallery

"A focus on landscape that will take your breathe away.


"A quiet and green neighbourhood with access to all the modern conveniences

Charles Campbell Road | Bangalore

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